For over three decades, Marilyn Matthews (founder of A Spiritual Outlook) has passionately connected people with the spiritual plane. Born in England, and raised amongst natural mediums and healers, the pursuit of spiritual wellness became ingrained in her life at an early age. Since then, Marilyn has eagerly embraced a holistic and spiritual lifestyle and successfully inspired others to do the same.

A Spiritual Outlook is based in Los Angeles, California, and has clients throughout the United States and England. Some of the great experiences her clients have shared with us are below.


“I came to Marilyn when I was overwhelmed in pretty much every area of my life – creative, financial, physical, emotional, personal. Marilyn’s gift is extraordinary.   The time I spent with her was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.   She communicated with family members who’d passed and introduced me to spirit guides (amazing and something I never knew existed!). Through her insight, sensitivity and compassion – and that humor! – I learned how to incorporate this connection into my day to day life. Marilyn offered guidance, enlightenment and healing.   I am grateful every day for what she so generously shared with me.”

  • Rebecca T.

“With ease and grace Marilyn brought me into a spiritual awareness of guides who watch over me from the other side. As Spiritual Healer and Medium I was amazed how she had so much knowledge about my life, past, present and future. Her colorful, delightful descriptions made all my loved ones who had passed come alive. It was like visiting with everyone I ever loved in my living room! She is generous with her time and lovingly lets you know issues and areas that need to be addressed with love, comfort and her generosity of spirit. Thank you Marilyn, I look forward to our next meeting.”

  • Jennifer S., The Spa Goddess

“Marilyn has such amazing insight, patience and love.  Almost two years ago I lost my best friend, Valerie, to cancer very quickly.  Through my work with Marilyn I was able to understand what was happening, how my friend was transitioning and now, how she is on the other side.  I have such a sense of peace about Valerie that I would not have any other way.  Through Marilyn, I know Valerie is whole and beautiful again, she is truly my guardian angel, and is always beside me.  I would never know or understand this without the gift that Marilyn has shared with me.  She is truly a gift.”

  • Robin S.

“I met Marilyn through some mutual friends and was drawn to her immediately.  She had a presence that I knew right away was something that could help me.  Marilyn recognized the stress in my life and, through her spiritual reading, helped me begin a journey of self discovery that continues to this day.  That journey has brought me more happiness than I ever thought was possible!  I would not have had the courage or the strength to make the needed changes if not for Marilyn’s insight.”

  • Lisa P.

“During my reading Ms. Matthews was very warm and made me feel very safe. She asked me very few questions, but was very specific about what she saw in my life and was dead on! She was very specific about details of my family and my work habits, things that she could not have known from me or anyone else. I believed everything she told me after that because she had been so right about the other things. I hope to make it a habit of seeking her counsel.”

  • Efren C.