Private Intuitive Consultations

Private Intuitive Consultations can enrich your life through guidance, insight, and support from those on the Spirit plane. Confidential, personal discussions can provide valuable insights and help you achieve personal growth. Participants will actively engage in the consultation so as to identify their unique enlightened path and strengthen their spiritual connections. Sessions are held Tuesday through Saturday, or by phone.

Group Readings

Enjoy a small group gathering (5-10 people), that offers an intimate and enjoyable setting for messages from Spirit. Sessions last approximately two hours.

Spiritual Healings

Working as a conduit with Spirit guides can affect positive change and facilitate comfort to one’s body. This complementary approach to Western medicine has been afforded to patients with serious illnesses and those seeking to bring forth balance into their lives. In-home and hospital sessions are available and at no extra charge to the recipient.

Absent Healings

As the name implies, Absent Healings are available to those who are not physically or geographically able to attend a Spiritual Healing session. To add yourself or a loved one to the Absent Healing list, please submit the name, condition, and current course of treatment of the person to receive healing.


Each workshop covers a range of beneficial topics with an underlying emphasis on spiritual awakening and self-nurturing. Please see our workshops and events page for upcoming availability.

Women’s Retreats and Spa Vacations

Full mind, body, and spirit retreats and spa vacations are held in Arizona and California. Please see our workshops and events page for upcoming retreat and spa vacation availability.

Spiritual Awakening /Development Classes

For those who seek to develop their psychic abilities, we offer a special group class that is closely supervised. This unique experience incorporates meditation to help one receive intuitive information. Class size is limited to ten people and sessions are held weekly.

Harmonious Balancing

Assessments, blessings and the removal of long stagnant energies help promote good vibrations within homes and properties. This service is particularly important when buying or selling a property in order to achieve a positive and harmonious balance in your space.

If you are interested in participating in any of these services or events, or to schedule a demonstration of mediumship, please submit your request on the Contact page or call us today. For payment options, please see the Payments page.