Upcoming Workshops

Each workshop covers a range of beneficial topics with an underlying emphasis on spiritual awakening and self-nurturing. No prior experience is needed.   

  • Learning to Enhance Your Spiritual Awareness” – This interactive program provides proven techniques to connect with Spirit Guides and loved ones, and can help anyone develop or enhance their psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.
  • Intuition” – What is Intuition? How is Intuition felt? How do our Spirit Guides and loved ones connect with us? This program is designed to help answer questions such as these and provides practical methods to help one utilize their natural intuition. Grasping intuition can transform one’s life and provide a better understanding of one’s daily life, relationships, and career.
  • Women’s Group WorkshopMarilyn hosts an insightful program of personal, intuitive readings designed to help cleanse the body and create balance in one’s life. This program further provides informative discussions with guest speakers who aim to help embrace one’s unique spirituality and engage in personal growth and healing.

Each event is designed for anyone and everyone to achieve a complete and fulfilling spiritual journey. No prior experience is needed.

  • Women’s RetreatProvides a full mind, body, and spirit retreat in California. Incorporates workshops, intuitive readings, and a complete wellness program to encourage a life of balance and contentment.
  • Spiritual Healing CircleA monthly, guided program that utilizes healing visualizations, movement, and laughter to restore a positive sense of well-being and balance in one’s life.

If you are interested in participating in any of these services or events, or to schedule a demonstration of mediumship, please submit your request on the Contact page or call us today. For payment options, please see the Payments page.